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Swimming Pools

All swimming pools capable of holding more than 400mm of water – including temporary inflatable pools – must by law (the Building Act) be surrounded by a barrier at least 1.2m in height, with a self-closing gate.

Section 165D of the Act requires councils to inspect pools every three years to ensure they meet requirements and these inspections are now underway.

Requirements for pool fences are explained in the Swimming Pool Fencing Guidelines.

Clause F9 of the Building Code covers means of restricting access to residential pools (previously this was covered by the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act), and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has published the Acceptable Solutions for meeting requirements.

If you are constructing a fence that is intended as a swimming pool fence, a Building Consent is required.

The law also requires spa pools to be kept secure – see the Acceptable Solutions document above.

If you are unsure if your swimming pool or spa pool needs a fence (and associated building consent), please contact the council.

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