Before installing a new or replacement woodburner, it is important to obtain a building consent first. A building consent is also required to move an existing burner to a new location within your house.

The Building Consent application should include:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of ownership (can be the latest rate demand)
  • A floor plan – showing the proposed location of the woodburner and smoke alarms
  • The manufacturers installation instructions for your chosen burner
  • The manufacturers installation instructions for your chosen flue
  • Roof flashing details

The Building Consent for a woodburner follows the same process and timelines as all other building consents. You cannot install your new burner until you have had your building consent.

If you are installing a new clean air burner you may also be eligible for a grant from the Wellington Regional Council. Their website also contains a list of authorised woodburners so you can check that it is compliant before you purchase.

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