Cemeteries and Crematorium

Masterton District Council manages and operates cemeteries at Riverside and Archer Street and two rural cemeteries at Hastwell and Tinui. The crematorium is located at Wairarapa Funeral Services. The Council aims to support family and friends of deceased people with a respectful environment and professional assistance.




Masterton is served by two urban cemeteries at Riverside and Archer Street and two rural cemeteries at Hastwell and Tinui.

Booking plots

Can be done during business hours by contacting:

Recreational Services Ltd
P: 09 442 0276
P: 06 370 8323

Payment for plots is required at the time of reservation and plots that remain unpaid will be forfeited after 6 months.


No person other than the Sexton or assistants of the Sexton or any other person duly authorised by the Council shall dig any grave in, or open the ground for burial in, any part of the cemetery.


Crematorium services are available through Wairarapa Funeral Services and can be engaged via your funeral director. If you have any queries you can contact them at:

35-37 Lincoln Rd,
Masterton 5810
P: 06-370 1110
F: 06 370 1199
[email protected]


The following dimensions are for the erection of memorials within the Memorial Park sections of the Masterton and Riverside Cemeteries.

Berm: All concrete berm widths are to be between 650 and 1000mm.


  • The concrete base for all memorials is to have a maximum height of 150mm above the highest point of the berm
  • Depth of the base shall be a maximum of 400mm
  • Insets for flowers in the memorial base is encouraged
  • A space of 150mm around the memorial base to berm edge is required
  • Maximum width of memorials for single plots is 1 metre
  • Maximum width of memorials for double plots is 2 metres
  • Maximum height permitted for memorials is 1.5 metres

Materials used should be granite or another material approved by Council

Unauthorised planting of shrubs, trees, flowers will not be permitted. If a person wants to plant a tree, shrub or flowers within the cemetery grounds, an application in writing is required before the Council can consider the request. Council reserves the right to remove, plant, prune and manage all trees, shrubs and flowers within the cemeteries and where appropriate.

Statuary is only permitted in the monumental part of the Masterton Cemetery and upon application to council.

All vases and containers for flowers shall be housed in insets set into a memorial base. Council may remove any neglected or broken vases, plants, flowers etc from any grave.

Grave goods must be removed within 14 days of interment.


All memorials are to be maintained in perpetuity by the family of the deceased. The Council reserves the right to make a monument or tablet safe, take it down or remove it, if it in the opinion of Council such a monument or tablet is a danger to persons frequenting or working in the cemetery.

The Council will follow the procedures highlighted in the regulations to address the issue of dilapidated or neglected monuments or tablets.


  • Serve three months notice on family requesting repair or replacement of monument or tablet to the satisfaction of Council.
  • Where a family cannot be found, the Council will publicly advertise the name and address of the last known relative.
  • The Council may remove any dilapidated or neglected monument of tablet after three months of notice.

If a memorial or tablet is unlawfully installed the Council reserves the right to remove it.

Cemeteries Search

Use the tool below to search the cemetery archives for records

You can also download maps and aerial photos of the cemeteries:

Archer Street Plan (PDF, 33KB)     and Aerial Photo (PDF, 569KB)

Riverside Plan (PDF, 100KB)     and Aerial Photo (PDF, 396KB)

Or view them on the online map service.

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