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Health and Licensing | Ngā Raihana Hauora

Our Environmental Health Team are in charge of making sure that Masterton is a safe place for everyone, whether it’s checking that your favourite restaurant is clean, responding to a noisy neighbour or making sure your tattoo artist is fully licensed. The team has wide-ranging roles but some of our main focus areas are:


  • Annual registration and licensing
  • Responding to health concerns like drinking water and
  • Responding to concerns of unsanitary conditions and health nuisances

Noise Control

Noise control regulations in Masterton and how to make a noise complaint.


Licensing, registration and starting a new food business or a food stall.


Licensing, organising events with alcohol and being a responsible host.

Mobile Traders

Information for hawkers, buskers and mobile traders.

Health Licenses

Licensing information for home-based, mobile or commercial premises operating as hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians, tattooists or body piercers, funeral parlours, camping grounds, amusement devices and in the offensive trades.

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