Environmental Health and Licensing

Masterton District Council is required by legislation to protect, promote and enhance public health within the District. Our Environmental Health Unit has wide-ranging roles, from distributing public health information to undertaking environmental sound surveys. Our main focus areas are:


  • Annual registration and licensing
  • Responding to health concerns, such as drinking water
  • Environmental sound surveys
  • Swimming pool water quality
  • Responding to concerns of unsanitary conditions and health nuisances


Noise Control

Information about noise control regulations in the Masterton District, and how to make a noise complaint.


Information about licensing, registration and starting a new food business or a food stall.


We help reduce alcohol abuse through our responsibilities and obligations under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.

Mobile Traders

Information for Hawkers, Buskers and Mobile Traders.

Health Licenses

Licensing information for home-based, mobile or commercial premises operating as hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians, tattooists or body piercers, funeral parlours, camping grounds, amusement devices and in the offensive trades.

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