Alcohol Licensing



If you intend to sell alcohol on your premises or have patrons bring alcohol for consumption on the premises while dining, you will need to apply for the appropriate licence as a requirement of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Alcohol cannot be sold until a separate licence has been obtained. 


Wairarapa Local Alcohol Policy

The Masterton District Council has jointly created a Wairarapa Local Alcohol Policy (LAP). The purpose of the LAP is to provide local guidance for the District Licensing Committee so that decisions

  • Contribute to a safe and healthy district;
  • Reflect the character and values, preferences and needs identified as being important to our communities;
  • Foster positive, responsible drinking behaviours and alcohol‐related harm is reduced.


Apply for an Alcohol Licence (on, off or club) Apply for or Renew a Manager’s Certificate
Renew your Licence Manager Training and Qualifications
Special Licence for Events How to Object to an Alcohol Licence
Taking Over an Alcohol Premises (Temporary Authority) Being a Good Host
Changes to Your Business (Variation of Conditions) Alcohol Bans


See below for all relevant application forms:


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