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Renew Your Licence

1. Get all the information together

Read the checklist on the front page of your application form to make sure you include all the documents we need.

2. Calculate your fee

You need to pay a non-refundable fee with your application. You can use the information on the application form to calculate your fee.

3. Apply and submit your application

Pick up an application from out front desk or download the form from the related resources sidebar.

You can drop off your application at our office and pay by cash, cheque, eftpos, or credit card.

If posting your application, please include a cheque.

Post to:
Masterton District Council
PO Box 444
Masterton 5810

We will process your application and contact you with the decision. If there are any issues, we’ll let you know. We’ll return incomplete applications if there is missing information.

4. Publish a public notice

After you lodge your application you’ll need to notify the public. You’ll be given more information when you make your application. Public notices need to be displayed on the premises and in a local newspaper.

5. Accessing and processing your application

We’ll forward your application to the District Licensing Committee who will make the final decision. If your application is approved, we will post your renewed licence to you.

We will let you know if:

  • Members of the public object to your application
  • NZ Police or Regional Public Health Service oppose your application.

The District Licensing Committee will contact you and you might need to attend a public hearing before a final decision is made.

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