Mobile Traders

People selling goods in public places are subject to registration under the Masterton and South Wairarapa District Council Consolidated Bylaws 2012: Part 3 Trading in Public Places.

These activities are required to be licensed annually, and you need to complete an Application for Registration Hawkers & Itinerary Traders (PDF, 6MB). Please note that first-time applications should be accompanied by two recent character references.

Mobile Traders and Food Safety

Some mobile operators who sell food, have a registered their risk based measure (RBM) with the local council where the business owner resides. In these instances, you will need to provide:

A copy of your current Certificate of Registration under the Food Act 2014 for your food activity
An application for registration as hawker to Masterton District Council

Verification by an EHO from this local authority may not be necessary if the above information is current and correct and there are not problems or food complaints.



A busker is a person who entertains in a public place for donations. Please read the following guidelines (PDF, 1MB) or for more information contact an Environmental Health Officer on 063706300.