Fires and Permits

Restricted Fire Season in place from 8 am Monday 14 January 2019. 

A restricted fire season is now in place throughout the Masterton District. All fires now require permits. This also includes Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns.

A permit is required to light a fire in open air in urban and rural areas. 

See the Check it’s Alright website for types of fire which have been authorised as not being fires in open air and do not need a permit.

ALL fire permits, urban and rural, can be applied for by visiting Fire and Emergency NZ or by calling  0800 658 628




As of 1 July 2018, Fire and Emergency New Zealand have taken over the control of all fires in urban and rural areas and so any inquiries relating to fire seasons, permits or potential fire hazards should be referred directly to Fire and Emergency or phone 06 370 9550




If you are affected by a neighbouring fire causing smoke nuisance and the smoke smells toxic, or you know the fire contains plastic, rubber, treated wood or other hazardous materials please phone Greater Wellington Regional Council Environmental Hotline on 0800 496 734

If the smoke nuisance is relating to burning garden waste please wait 20 minutes to see if the smoke dies down and if not call MDC Animal and Bylaw Services on 06 3706300 or after hours 06 3787752