The Council provides a range of parking services and facilities to make accessing the town and suburbs easy and safe. This information is provided to assist the public with parking in Masterton.

Free, Metered and Restricted on Street car parking are provided in a variety of locations around Masterton. The majority of meters are multibay which means that several parking spaces are controlled by one parking meter. The spaces are numbered on the footpath in front of the parking space and an arrow indicates the direction of the parking meter. Please ensure you check that you are paying for the correct space, failure to do so may result in an infringement for parking in an expired parking space. You are limited to 2 hours and these meters accept 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 coins, hours of operation are 8 – 5 Monday to Friday and 9 – 12 on Saturday. In restricted parking space please check the time limits whenever you park your car – limits are clearly displayed on blue P signs.


Some quick tips on parking:


  • Please always check, read and obey parking signs.
  • Do not stop or park on broken yellow lines, bus stops, taxi stands or other restricted parking areas.
  • Do not park in goods service vehicle loading zones if you are in a private vehicle – only to load or unload.
  • Remember to read all signs carefully when parking at events; special restrictions may apply.
  • Always follow directions on meters.


Infringement Payments

Infringement fees need to be paid within 28 days from the date the infringement was issued. You can pay the amount due by:

Masterton District Council

PO Box 444

Masterton 5840

Cheques should be made payable to the Masterton District Council and should show the ticket number and vehicle registration on the reverse of the cheque.

What happens if I don’t pay my infringement fee?

If payment has not been completed within 28 days from the date the infringement was issued, a reminder notice is then sent allowing a further 28 days for payment.

If payment of the infringement still remains outstanding and unpaid, the infringement is then sent to the Masterton District Court, and court costs of $30 are added to the infringement.

You will need to deal directly with the courts regarding payment.

How do I dispute my parking infringement?

Fill in a parking infringement explanation form and send it to us with any evidence to support your explanation, such as a WOF receipt, registration or Pay and Display ticket.

Alternatively, you may fill out an electronic version of this form online.

If the Council has written to you explaining that they did not accept your explanation, these options are available to you:

  1. Pay the infringement fee without any additional charges
  2. Write to the Council and ask that the case be dealt with in court by way of written submission. This means you do not appear in court, and this option is only available to you if you plead guilty but feel you have a good reason that may excuse you
  3. Write to the Council asking for a court hearing and you plead not guilty. You will be required to appear before community magistrates who will hear evidence given by the Council’s witnesses and then evidence from you. The evidence will be considered and a decision made regarding the charge(s).

If you plead guilty (option 2 above) or are found guilty (option 3 above) of the charge, the court will order you to pay the fine and any other costs ordered by the court.

Parking Restriction Guidelines

There are two main types of roadside parking signs:

  • White signs with red borders that apply all the time and;
  • Blue signs with white writing which apply every day 8am – 6pm excluding public holidays unless otherwise stated. 

To exceed the time limit stated on the sign or in your metered bay may give reason for a parking infringement notice to be issued. 

The following situations are all categorised as an offence:

  • Unless angle parking is provided for, always park parallel to the road and as close as you can to the left. You cannot angle park anywhere that is not marked as angle parking.
  • It is also an offence to park next to another parked vehicle (double parking) on a roadway except in a designated space.
  • You should take care to park within the white lines of a designated park, if any part of your vehicle extends beyond these lines it will be considered an offence. 
  • You shall not stop or park your vehicle anywhere that it will obstruct the kerb or footpath. 
  • You cannot park your vehicle in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic. 
  • You cannot stop, wait of park on broken yellow lines at any time. You may see these lines at:
    • pedestrian crossings
    • intersections
    • bus stops
    • taxi stands
    • narrow or winding roads

Parking Complaints

There are a number of different scenarios in which the Council’s Parking Services team would be involved in vehicle parking complaints. Here are some of the more common examples and how Parking Services can help.

Blocked Vehicle Entrances

Vehicles are not allowed to park within one metre of or over a vehicle entrance. If someone has parked across your vehicle entrance and you’re unable to enter or exit a property, contact the Council’s Parking Services via Customer Services on 06 3706300.

It is illegal to park over your own or any other vehicle entrance.

Vehicles, trailers and caravans parked too long outside a property

In the case of vehicles like cars, motorcycles and vans, there is no time limit as to how long they can be parked outside a property without being moved unless they are on a restricted parking space.

If there is a vehicle that has been parked outside your house for an unusual amount of time and you are concerned about it, check with the police to see if the vehicle has been reported stolen. If there is no warrant of fitness and/or licence label, contact Customer Services on 06 3706300, as the vehicle may be abandoned.

Unlicensed or unwarranted vehicles, trailers and caravans

All vehicles, trailers and caravans must display a current warrant of fitness and licence label to be parked on or travel on the road. Failure to do so can incur a $200 infringement. These can be issued by parking wardens or the police.

Vehicles that are unwarranted or unlicensed and that appear to be abandoned will not be towed immediately. The Council will first attempt to contact the vehicle’s owners to give them the opportunity to remove the vehicle. This is a requirement under the Local Government Act 1974, Section 356.

Unlicensed or unwarranted vehicles being used (driven or ridden) on the road will not be dealt with by Parking Services. Please contact the police.

Other Situations

Infringement notices can be issued for a variety of traffic offences, including parking on broken yellow lines, parking facing the wrong direction, parking on grass verges or on the footpath, overstaying in a time-limited zone, parking in an area reserved for a particular class of vehicle, mobility parking spaces, double parking or parking on traffic islands.

The words “At All Times” on any sign means 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Blue “P” signs with, for example, P60 or P30 apply 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Sunday.

If you see a vehicle breaching traffic regulations, or you are being hindered because of someone else’s vehicle breaching a traffic regulation, you can always contact Customer Services on 06 3706300 to see how the Parking Services team can help resolve the situation.

Mobility Parking

Parking concessions are granted to people with disabilities who have applied for and received a mobility parking permit or mobility card. The card must be clearly displayed on the dashboard. The membership number must be visible whilst parked in designated mobility parks. This includes public and private car parks, such as shopping malls, hospitals and supermarkets. Concessions also apply to time restricted parking areas.

All mobility applications have to be certified by a medical specialist. Your nearest CCS Disability Action branch has application forms, or you can apply for a mobility parking permit online.

Your disability mobility card must be displayed inside the front windscreen only when the member is using the vehicle. Abuse of the concession will result in the cancellation of your membership. If you are issued with a parking infringement and your card has not been displayed correctly, the infringement stands.

There is an additional allowance of 50% extra parking time per visit. For example, a vehicle parked in a P120 space will have up to 180 minutes parking time without penalty, whereas a vehicle parked in a P30 location will be able to remain there for 45 minutes provided the mobility card is displayed on the dashboard and visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Please note that if the mobility park you occupy is on a metered space you are still required to pay the parking meter, you will be entitled to an extra 50% of the time paid.

Visit the CCS site for further information concerning mobility permits.

Vehicle Infringement Notices


The Council’s parking wardens will issue an infringement notice if your vehicle is illegally parked:

  • In a park where the meter has expired
  • In a time-restricted zone
  • In a mobility park when not clearly displaying a current mobility card
  • Over or within one metre of a vehicle entrance
  • On a footpath, cycle lane, flush median or traffic island
  • On a broken yellow line or double parked
  • Any other stationary vehicle offence


Infringement notices will show:

  • Details of your vehicle
  • Date and time infringement was issued
  • Location where the vehicle was parked at the time
  • Alleged offence
  • Fee payable
  • Notes to the defendant are printed on the reverse side of the ticket

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle remains the responsibility of its last registered owner. The Council will charge the last owner of an abandoned motor vehicle, where they are identified, with the costs of removal and disposal of their abandoned vehicle.

A vehicle such as a car, trailer, truck, etc may be considered abandoned if:

  • It is parked on a public roadway, and
  • It has been there for an unusual length of time, and
  • The owner cannot be located, and/or
  • It is of derelict appearance


Reporting an abandoned vehicle

You can contact us to report an abandoned vehicle. To help resolve the problem, please have as much of the following information available as you can:

Where is the vehicle located?
What is the vehicle’s make, model, colour and registration number?
How long has the vehicle been there?
Do you know the name of the vehicle’s owner?

Report an abandoned or derelict vehicle to the Council by calling our Customer Services Centre on 06 3706300.


Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

When the Council receives a complaint of an abandoned vehicle, it will be checked and photographed. If identification can be made, the owner will be contacted either by police or by mail, and they will be given seven days to remove the vehicle unless it is:

In a dangerous position
Likely to be damaged by vandals
Obstructing a public way

In these circumstances, or if the vehicle is not removed by the owner in the allotted time, the vehicle will be removed and stored at the owner’s cost. If identification is not able to be made, the car will be disposed of either to the dump or to metal recyclers to recover towage costs.


Reclaiming vehicles

A vehicle which has been removed as abandoned will not be returned to the owner until such time as the cost of towage and storage has been paid in full to Masterton District Council.

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