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Road Closures

Planned Road Closures

Te Ore Ore Roundabout

Road sealing work will start tomorrow (Wed, 22 September) as part of work on the new Te Ore Ore Road roundabout at the intersection Te Ore Ore Road and Blair and Totara Streets. Sealing work is due for completion on Monday (27 September) weather permitting. Traffic management will be in place, with speed reduced to 30km/h so some delays are likely. Emergency services vehicles will be given priority.

Tauweru Retaining Wall Replacement

The original retaining wall was built around 50 years ago and was constructed using tram rails and reject concrete power poles. The tram rails are rusting out and the tie-backs are failing, so this work will replace the wall on the Masterton-Castlepoint Road, 13.1km from Masterton.
Traffic lights will be in place for eight weeks of the job starting from 13 September 2021. There might be a wait of two minutes so we thank you for your patience.

Diversions – Te Ore Ore Road Roundabout

Work starts on Monday 17 May on a new roundabout at the intersection of Te Ore Ore Road and Blair and Totara Streets.

The following diversions and traffic management measures will be in place:

  •  A single lane, for west-bound traffic only, will operate on Te Ore Ore Road between Colombo Road and Cooper Street, enabling direct access to Wairarapa Hospital and SH2.
  • Heavy vehicles heading towards the east coast (including laden and unladen trucks) should access Te Ore Ore Road via Dixon and Church Streets, and Colombo Road.
  • Light vehicles heading east on Te Ore Ore Road will be diverted via Cooper Street.
  • The entrance to Totara Street at Te Ore Ore Road will be closed – Blair Street will remain open.
  • Emergency services will receive priority access to Wairarapa Hospital.
  • Non-emergency access to the hospital and Blair St will be via Te Ore Ore Road from the east.

These measures are likely to be in place for the duration of the work, expected to be complete in September.

The roundabout is being constructed in response to community demand for improved safety measures in the area.

Masterton District Council appreciates the work will cause a degree of disruption and thanks the community for its understanding during this project.

Te Ore Ore Roundabout

Road closures due to weather or emergency events

Tinui Valley Road at Orere Bridge

Due to a washed-out bridge approach, the bridge at Orere is closed. 

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