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Road Closures

Planned Road Closures

Pursuant to Section 342(1)(b) and the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974, the following roads will be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic.

Roads closed to ordinary vehicular traffic

Colville Street and Paul Street from the Intersection Mary and Carverthen Streets – residents-only access.
Period of closure: Monday 31 May to Friday 2 July 2021 from 7am to 5pm.

At the intersections of Churchill Avenue and Wavell Crescent on Te Ore Ore Road – detour routes will be in place.
Period of closure: Monday 14 June to Sunday 27 June 2021 – weather dependent.

Queen Street from Jackson Street to Worksop Road – detour routes will be in place.
Period of closure: Sunday 20 June to Monday 21 July 2021 from 7pm to 7am – weather dependent.

Manuka Street from Titoki Street to Konini Street – residents only access, detour routes will be in place.
Period of closure: Monday 28 June to Friday 16 July 2021 – weather dependent.

Diversions – Te Ore Ore Road Roundabout

Work starts on Monday 17 May on a new roundabout at the intersection of Te Ore Ore Road and Blair and Totara Streets.

The following diversions and traffic management measures will be in place:

  •  A single lane, for west-bound traffic only, will operate on Te Ore Ore Road between Colombo Road and Cooper Street, enabling direct access to Wairarapa Hospital and SH2.
  • Heavy vehicles heading towards the east coast (including laden and unladen trucks) should access Te Ore Ore Road via Dixon and Church Streets, and Colombo Road.
  • Light vehicles heading east on Te Ore Ore Road will be diverted via Cooper Street.
  • The entrance to Totara Street at Te Ore Ore Road will be closed – Blair Street will remain open.
  • Emergency services will receive priority access to Wairarapa Hospital.
  • Non-emergency access to the hospital and Blair St will be via Te Ore Ore Road from the east.

These measures are likely to be in place for the duration of the work, expected to be complete in September.

The roundabout is being constructed in response to community demand for improved safety measures in the area.

Masterton District Council appreciates the work will cause a degree of disruption and thanks the community for its understanding during this project.

Road closures due to weather or emergency events.

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