Road Closures

Planned Road Closures


Pursuant to Section 342(1)(b) and the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974, the following roads will be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic for the purpose of permitting the renewal of the Council’s sewer network.

Road closed to ordinary vehicular traffic – Third Street, from the intersection with Opaki Road to Stamford Place, residents-only access. Detour routes will be in place. Exit from Queen Alexandra Street to Opaki Road will be closed, detour will be in place.

Period of closure – Monday 19 April 2021 to Friday 23 April 2021 inclusive from 8am to 7pm

It will be an offence under the above Act for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the road for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure.

Dated 14 April 2021
David Hopman – Manager Assets and Operations

Road closures due to weather or emergency events.

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