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23 June 2020

A cheeky daylight thief has stolen more than a dozen ratepayer-funded plants from an Opaki Road traffic island at the northern end of Masterton.

The culprit, wearing hi-viz clothing, and apparently male, was spotted by a member of the public who snapped photos as he took plants around midday (Tuesday) and carried them to a black ute, parked off the road.

The vehicle was not displaying number plates.

The brazen theft of hebes and pittosporum annoyed Masterton District Council Manager Community Facilities and Activities Andrea Jackson

“We take a lot of pride in our planted areas and have had a lot of positive feedback about our drought-tolerant planting on traffic islands, but we want plants to be left where they are so everyone can enjoy them.

“If people like the look of plants, we are happy to tell them where they can buy some of their own.

“These plants were paid for using rates, so this person is really stealing from their neighbours. And it appears this has been planned, which makes it worse.”

The theft has been reported to the Police.

Plant Thief