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Masterton District Council is calling for tenders for four more key roles in the Civic Facility project, a structural engineering consultant, a mechanical, electrical and hydraulics consultant, a civil engineering consultant, and a fire engineer.

Tender documents have been uploaded to the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS). The deadline for tenders for the structural engineering consultant and mechanical, electrical and hydraulics consultant is 14 April 2022, with civil and fire engineer tenders required by 22 April.

Work is currently underway to assess the possibilities of using Council-owned land at and around the Trust House Recreation Centre as a potential site for the Civic Facility.

No plans have been prepared for any part of the site. The Civic Facility architect and members of the project team are in the process of talking to subject matter experts about the project.

Chair of the Civic Facility Project Committee Cr Tina Nixon said the roles for which tenders were being sought would add to the expertise provided by already-contracted architect, Architectus, fundraiser SGL Ltd, and quantity surveyor RPS Ltd.

“The Council decided in June, as part of the 2021-31 Long-Term Plan to proceed with the project with at least $4 million of external funding.

“We need to get on and make things happen, and these roles will be essential as we move forward.

“As with other roles, we are looking for consultants with a proven track record in projects of this size and preferably experience in the greater Wellington region, including Wairarapa.”