Prohibited Fire Season

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 22 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act, 1977, that a PROHIBITED FIRE SEASON has been imposed on the lighting of fires in the open on all lands within the Wairarapa Rural Fire District.

The PROHIBITED FIRE SEASON is in force from 3 March 2016, and shall remain in force until revoked by a further notice. Failure to comply with this Notice constitutes an offence under Section 61 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act, 1977. NO FIRES MAY BE LIT IN THE OPEN AIR during the Prohibited Fire Season.

It is an offense to set on fire in the open air any combustible material whatsoever in a Prohibited Fire Season.

The use of campfires, bonfires, rubbish fires, wood fired barbeques, braziers, fireworks, pizza ovens, thermettes, welding plants, portable forges, and incinerators are specifically prohibited during this fire ban unless a Special Permit is issued under Section 24 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act, 1977, having first been approved by the Wairarapa Rural Fire District.

The use of gas barbeques is exempt from the Prohibited Fire Season and may be used with caution.

For all FIRE EMERGENCIES PHONE 111 and quote your name, address and rural property number.

For further information on rural fire matters contact the Wairarapa Rural Fire District, phone 06 370 9557, 027 289 9609, 027 411 0405, or the Duty Officer phone 027 224 2247.