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Rangatahi Development

Wairarapa Youth Council

The Wairarapa Youth Council is a great way for young people to affect change in their communities. If you want to have input into decisions about issues in the community, you can participate in youth councils to make your voice heard. The Wairarapa Youth Council is made up of a group of young people who meet fortnightly to discuss and address youth-related topics such as things to do, places to go, employment opportunities, training programmes, and anything else that relates to the Wairarapa and its young people.

What’s Involved?

As a member of the Youth Council you’ll get opportunities for:

  • personal development
  • connecting and building relationships with other passionate young people and key decision-makers in Wairarapa.
  • building your skillset as a young professional
  • having fun and creating awesome opportunities for other young people
  • providing a youth perspective to our three district councils on all issues, especially those affecting youth.

We understand that you have busy schedules and may only be interested in specific parts of what we do, so we will work with you to support that.

To get involved, get in touch with Bailey via text on 027 587 3939, email [email protected] or connect via our Facebook page.

Tuia Programme

Tuia is an intentional, long-term, intergenerational approach to develop and enhance the way in which rangatahi Māori contribute to communities throughout New Zealand.

Each year, the Council selects a Tuia leader who works closely with the Mayor of Masterton in a mentoring relationship to enhance their leadership skills and increase their ability to contribute to the community.  The relationship also provides advice to Council about young people’s perspectives and cultural experiences.

How The Programme Works

  • Mayors develop a ‘one-to-one’ mentoring relationship with a rangatahi in their community over a twelve month period (minimum).
  • Both parties commit to meet at least once a month to share ideas, engage in local issues and develop a relationship based on trust and respect.
  • The Mayor provides opportunities to explore local government and civic leadership (via events/hui and informal training).
  • The rangatahi provides opportunities for the Mayor to better understand their world view as a young Maori- growing up in their whanau, hapū, iwi and wider community.
  • The Mayor and rangatahi both attend 4 wānanga throughout the year, focused on growing leadership skills and networks (all previous graduates attend with 100+ rangatahi from all over New Zealand).
  • In each community, the rangatahi must also engage and/or develop a ‘community service’ project to pass on the learnings and take action.
  • Building good networks between the rangatahi themselves is paramount. Graduates of the programme provide ‘Peer support’ and ongoing development opportunities with four years of participants (100+) coming together at the wānanga and social media.
  • Leadership development is rangatahi driven and sustainable, with governance and support provided by the TUIA Charitable Trust and Mayors.

Who is eligible for the programme and how will they be selected?

The Mayor will select a young Maori person who meets the following criteria:

  • Is aged between 18-25 years
  • Is actively involved in contributing to the wellbeing of their community at some level
  • Is able to commit to being involved in this part-time programme for a minimum of 12 months
  • Has support from others to participate in the programme (whanau/hapu/pakeke/employers/ community etc.)
  • Is open minded and willing to contribute to discussions and workshops
  • Is well organized and have the ability to manage their time and commitments effectively
  • Is innovative, self managing and adaptable.
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