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Rain in the Tararua Range has enabled Masterton District Council to lift all water restrictions from tomorrow (Wednesday 31 March).

The rain has lifted flows in the Waingawa River above the 2,000 litres per second point at which restrictions are required.

The past summer saw the latest introduction of water restrictions in many years, with sprinklers first limited to alternate days on 7 January, to ease pressure on the river, the source of Masterton’s drinking water.

Restrictions were twice briefly tightened to limit watering to handheld hoses, and Council Assets and Operations Manager David Hopman thanked residents for their cooperation during the dry periods.

“I know water restrictions can be frustrating for gardeners but these water conservation measures do make a difference for the river, and we certainly appreciate the effort people make,” he said.

“We would still encourage people to use water wisely – it is a precious resource – but we’re now hopefully moving into our usual damp autumn, which should mean we avoid restrictions in the coming few months.”