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27 November 2018

Masterton has had more 60mm of rain since Sunday night, some 40mm in yesterday alone, 17mm since midnight to 8am today.

Generally, our district has fared well without significant road closures due to either river flooding or surface flooding.   However, we are managing a full wastewater network with inflows into our wastewater treatment plant at more than twice the normal dry-weather rate as a result of high stormwater levels on Monday. We have initiated our emergency discharge system, in line with our consent, which is helping to mitigate the impacts of an at-capacity wastewater network.

While most of this is manageable, a small number of houses along Cockburn Street have been unable to use their toilets this morning (Tuesday). These houses are at the lowest point geographically in Masterton’s wastewater network. This morning we have been visiting these houses individually to make them aware of the short-term inability to use their toilets – we will be providing portable toilets where necessary. In the meantime, we are urging residents to refrain from flushing their toilets as much as possible. With the rain letting up, the system should start to ease in the next couple of hours.

Over the weekend the public toilets at Henley Lake were also taken out of action. A fault with the pump meant the toilets needed to be closed on Saturday.  We worked with our contractors to rectify the situation and the toilets were reopened on Monday.

Finally, the wet weather has also contributed to the greenspace next to the KidsOwn playground being left in a poor state following the departure of the Weber Bros Circus. Our teams worked closely with the circus operators to ensure all measures were taken to protect the space. We inspected the space prior to pack up at 8am yesterday morning and felt it was in a good condition and the operators had taken all reasonable measures. However, it was during the use of heavy machinery to remove the circus infrastructure that resulted in the grass being cut up.   Masterton District Council charged Weber Bros $3,000 for the use of the space, as well as a $2,500 bond as insurance for instances like this. The greenspace will be repaired at an appropriate time at no cost to the ratepayer.