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27 March 2019

A new PVC liner is being installed in the outdoor lido swimming pool at the Trust House Recreation Centre.

Installation of the liner in the 25 metre by 25 metre pool got underway last week and will take several weeks to complete.

The work is part of a major upgrade of the facility to prevent water wastage and increase the pool’s life. The outdoor pool is almost 50 years old.

Work has also been done to capture water lost through overflow channels at the side of the pool.

In addition to the outdoor pool, the hyrdo-slide, which is also prone to leakages, has been given a make-over. All of the joins in the slide structure have been re-fiberglassed. This work is just about finished, with the slide expected to be back open again in early April.

Russell Forbes, project manager for the lead contractor, Ordish & Stevens, said the extent of the leakage was significant. The loss of water through the existing concrete overflow channels was particularly bad, he said.

The project has involved several different outside sub-contractors, and Mr Forbes said it is worth noting that all have been impressed with the outdoor slide.

“None of them have ever seen anything like it. They all just love it,” he said. “We reckon it is the only one of its kind in New Zealand.”

Manager of Community Facilities and Activities, Andrea Jackson, said the outdoor lido pool has served the community well for nearly 50 years.

“It has got the upgrade that it needed and will soon be in a condition that will enable it to be enjoyed by the community for another half a century,” Ms Jackson said.

The outdoor pool will reopen to public for the 2019/20 summer.